Step 1. Register for and Successfully Complete the Licensing Course and Examination

The Real Estate Trading Services Licensing Course is offered by the University of British Columbia, Sauder School of Business (Real Estate Division). You can register at any time during the year for this self-paced blended learning course. For course information and to register online, please visit the UBC Real Estate Division’s Real Estate Trading Services Licensing Course webpage at:

You must complete all course assignments within one year of registering. The course assignments take a minimum of 10 weeks to complete.

If you feel that you have previous education or experience that may exempt you from either the Licensing Course or Examination, please review the Council’s Education and Licensing FAQ at and/or the Education Waivers and Guidelines at:


Required textbook: Real Estate Trading Services Licensing Course Manual: UBC Real Estate Division. 2015. Real Estate Trading Services Licensing Course Manual. Vancouver, BC: UBC Real Estate Division.


Step 2. Review the Licence Application Form

Make sure you understand all the information that is required as part of the licensing application, it can be viewed here:

Step 3. Talk to Brokerages

Begin talking to real estate brokerages, to find the brokerage that is the right fit for you, and to make arrangements to join the brokerage when you are licenced. Your licence application must be signed by the managing broker of a real estate brokerage in BC that is prepared to engage you.

Step 4. Obtain a Criminal record check

You must submit an original criminal record check completed within the previous 90 days along with your licence application to the Council. In order to avoid unnecessary delays in licensing you are encouraged to obtain a criminal record check before you begin the Applied Practice Course.  Find more information on the criminal record check requirements follow this link:

Mail or courier your criminal record check, along with your completed licence application, all other required documents, and the appropriate fee, to the Council office once you have started the Applied Practice Course (see Step 6 for further details on the required elements of the licensing application).

Step 5. Register For and Start the Applied Practice Course

You may choose to take either the Residential or Commercial version of the Applied Practice Course delivered by the British Columbia Real Estate Association (BCREA). It is a blended course, consisting of four components delivered online and in the classroom. The Applied Practice Course builds on the technical knowledge provided in the Real Estate Licensing Course, giving you opportunities to practice the skills you’ll need most as a real estate professional.

You must complete the required pre-licensing components of the course before your licence can be issued. You will have up to six months to complete the final components of the course while working at your brokerage. Visit the BCREA website at:  for full information and to register in the Applied Practice Course.

You must complete all components of the Applied Practice Course within the prescribed time limits or your licence will be terminated.

Step 6. Apply for licensing

As soon as you have started the Applied Practice Course, mail or courier your completed licence application, along with all required documents and the appropriate fee, to the Council.

Please make sure your application includes ALL of the following:

  1. An original criminal record check from your local police agency. This must be submitted along with your licence application to the Council. Follow this link for more detailed information:
  2. A completed Application for Representative, Associate or Managing Broker Licence form. This can be viewed at:
  3. The appropriate licensing fee. Follow this link for more information regarding the licensing fee:

Mail or courier your completed application, criminal record check, and payment to: Real Estate Council of British Columbia, 900-750 West Pender Street | Vancouver, BC Canada | V6C 2T8

Step 7. Complete the Applied Practice Course

Once you have received your licence, you must complete all remaining components of the Applied Practice Course within six months.

If you do not complete the entire Applied Practice Course, your licence will be terminated.

Additional information:

One Year Time Limit: You must apply for licensing within one year of the date on which you successfully completed the licensing examination. If more than one year has elapsed, you will be required to re-write the examination and/or re-complete the Real Estate Trading Services Licensing Course. No exceptions.

Relicensing Education Program: Once licensed, you will be required to complete a continuing education course during each two-year licence period. This Relicensing Education Program (REP) requirement is a condition of continued licensing. For further information, please see the REP page which can be viewed at: