How do I get started?

What are the steps I need to take to become a licensed realtor?

Before you register:

Before registering in the licensing course or applying to the Council for licensing, carefully review the following information to make sure you have considered all the requirements for becoming licensed in BC.

  • Do You Meet the Good Reputation Guidelines?

If you are concerned about whether you satisfy these requirements, you may submit an Application for Pre-Screening form to the Council before registering in the Real Estate Trading Services Licensing Course. The Council will consider your pre-screening application and determine whether you are eligible for licensing in BC (you will still be required to pass the licensing course and examination, and successfully complete the Applied Practice Course).

All applicants must submit an original criminal record check to the Council along with their licence application. (See Step 3 below for details). Please read all information regarding the criminal record check to ensure you comply with the specific requirements for licensing with the Real Estate Council.

  • Will You Satisfy the Language Proficiency Requirement?

Before you can register to write the licensing exam, you must demonstrate that you meet the minimum English language requirements.

What are the language proficiency requirements and pre-requisites for the course?

English is the language of contracts in British Columbia and the language of instruction in the Real Estate Division’s licensing courses. In order to ensure that licensees are competent to communicate in English, with other licensees and consumers, the Council has required a language proficiency requirement since 1994. While there are no pre-requisites to register in the licensing course, the LPR must be satisfied before you can register for an exam. For more information on LPR exemptions or the LPI examination, please read below on how to satisfy the language proficiency requirements.


How do I satisfy the language proficiency requirements?

The Language Proficiency Requirement must be satisfied prior to exam registration. LPR documents may be submitted after course registration or at least two months before exam registration. Please note that LPR documents will not be returned. Therefore, students wishing to keep original documentation will need to send notarized copies of the original documents.

To satisfy the Language Proficiency Requirement, students must meet one of the following:

Please note: Exemptions based on work or industry experience will not be considered.