Michael Lam - President/Owner

Michael Lam has been in the real estate industry for over 15 years. His humble beginnings started off in the re-sale market and established himself as a 10 year Gold Master Medallion and a 3 year President Club Top 1% member. As his reputation in the industry grew, he started a new line of business into the pre-sale market. Michael's approachable and friendly attitude paved a path for him to be invited into the close inner circles of the leading developers in the lower mainland. His impeccable reputation for over achieving in sales in various projects and ultra low rescission rates has lifted Michael into the upper echelon of the pre-sale market. With multiple developers now approaching him, Michael only works on the projects that are most beneficial for his clients so that he maintains his image as the realtor to find if you want a excellent financial investment in real estate. Most excitingly, Michael recently purchased the Sutton 1st West brokerage which includes 3 offices located in Brentwood Burnaby, Coquitlam and Richmond which challenges him to conquer the next milestone of his real estate career.